Mobile and on-site COVID-19 testing.

We are a leading provider of COVID-19 PCR and antibody tests, offering mobile and on-site services for businesses in the UK.

Covid Testing

Same day, on-site PCR testing.

The PCR test is an incredibly accurate method of establishing whether someone has COVID-19. We provide a same day on-site service, allowing you to react quickly to any potential outbreaks in the workplace.

A simple self-administered “swab” test, we then collect the tests the same day, with results available within 48 hours.

A fast and accurate method of COVID-19 antibody detection.

Our antibody test establishes whether a person has previously had COVID-19 and has developed the antibody.

The finger-prick test process only takes 2 minutes per employee. Test results are available in 15 minutes.

A team of two people will administer the test – a registered nurse and an administrator. Each team of two can test between 50 and 100 people per day and multiple teams are deployed for larger sites.

Mobile and on-site testing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Our PCR tests are delivered directly to your site and once completed, collected the same day.

For our antibody tests, we provide a safe and suitable mobile testing environment, tailored to your business and the amount of tests required.

Why work with us.

Trusted by healthcare providers

As well as the proven accuracy of our system, we have already successfully partnered with private healthcare providers.

Established and approved

We have been shortlisted for innovative UK funding as part of the UK government's Covid-19 business led innovation programme.

Continuous research

Our initiative to collect and track key data is to help set up clinical response studies with the support of NIHR & MHR to research relapse and reinfection prevention protocols for the UK government.

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