Antibody Testing

COVID-19 antibody detection test. For fast and accurate results.

Our finger pin prick test is the ideal product for employers to screen their staff to determine whether they’ve previously had COVID-19.

Those who have developed the antibody would test positive on this test.

More accurate than antibody testing cassettes, results from our tests are printed off and stored, and available in 15 minutes.

Covid Test in Progress

The test at a glance.

  • IgM & Antibody Assay
  • Immunochromatography test
  • Pin prick blood test
  • Clinical Sensitivity – 100%
  • Clinical Specificity – 97%
  • Results printed out and stored in machine
  • The most cost-effective option for testing
  • 15 minutes result time
  • CE certified and MHRA permitted

A bespoke procedure. In three simple steps.

Step 1: Prior to Test

  • Information provided for all FAQs
  • Pre-Screening questionnaire for all test participants
  • Date/Time booking details issued

Step 2: Test Day

  • 15min total testing process
  • Follow up support provided

Step 3: Post Test

  • Precise digital results provided confidentially to participant
  • Unique e-documentation record issued

Why work with us.

Trusted by healthcare providers

As well as the proven accuracy of our system, we have already successfully partnered with private healthcare providers.

Established and approved

We have been shortlisted for innovative UK funding as part of the UK government's Covid-19 business led innovation programme.

Continuous research

Our initiative to collect and track key data is to help set up clinical response studies with the support of NIHR & MHR to research relapse and reinfection prevention protocols for the UK government.

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