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UK and COVID-19: Need for agile action.

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, patient testing has been shown to be the key element in fighting the virus and reducing economic damage.

At this point, it is unknown how many people have had the virus in the UK.

If a person develops symptoms, our simple PCR “swab” test can ascertain if they currently have COVID-19.

Once symptoms have cleared, the only way to confirm this is via antibody testing; and to identify individuals who are at least in part protected against the virus, and shed light on how much of the population has been exposed.

Mobile Covid Testing

There's an urgency during this unprecendented time to move things along, to understand who's been infected and who is immune

Alex Marson, Immunologist at the University of California, San Francisco
The Covid Test Company

Same day, on-site PCR testing: A fast and agile solution.

The PCR “swab” test is an incredibly accurate method to determine if someone currently has COVID-19. However, waiting for a test slot and then travelling to a test site is a lengthy and inconvenient process, and increases the chances of the virus spreading.

We provide a same day on-site service, travelling to your workplace to deliver PCR tests. Once completed, these tests are collected later that day, with results available next day.

South Korea & EU CERTIFIED Antibody Testing: Accuracy is everything.

Antibody testing is used to ascertain if a person has previously had COVID-19 and has developed the antibody.

Our patented system, created in South Korea, and approved by their government, critically lauded for their swift reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic, provides large scale reliable POC testing backed by independent research, and overseen by certified technicians at our facility.

It provides an accurate indication of the viral history of the tested person in just 15 minutes.

Testing is the key to economic recovery.

In order for the UK to be able to re-open the economy with confidence, for key industries to start recovery from the lockdown, and for some semblance of normality to return without a second wave of pandemic, it is imperative to test for the virus and its antibody in the coming period.

Our objective is to help allow your business to resume normal operations within a safe environment.

Why work with us.

Trusted by healthcare providers

As well as the proven accuracy of our system, we have already successfully partnered with private healthcare providers.

Established and approved

We have been shortlisted for innovative UK funding as part of the UK government's Covid-19 business led innovation programme.

Continuous research

Our initiative to collect and track key data is to help set up clinical response studies with the support of NIHR & MHR to research relapse and reinfection prevention protocols for the UK government.

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